Spring Lake Heights Criminal Defense Lawyers

Have you been arrested or charged with committing a crime in Spring Lake Heights? You need the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who will fight to defend your rights. The Rubas Law Offices handles all criminal, municipal court, DWI defense, commercial litigation, and probate litigation matters. We have the skills, experience and judgment needed to help you protect your rights and strongly defend your case.

Attorney Michael Peter Rubas- An Experienced Litigator

Attorney Michael Peter Rubas is an aggressive litigator and the founding member of the firm. He is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney. Attorney Rubas is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of his clients. Through hard work, knowledge of the applicable laws, and trial skill, Attorney Rubas and his firm consistently provide their clients positive outcomes.

Our Area of Practice

At the Rubas Law Offices, we are particularly experienced in the following practice area:

Criminal Defense: Attorney Michael Rubas has experience defending clients from all kinds of criminal charges, including those that involve:

  • Homicides
  • Vehicular homicides and assault by automobile
  • Violent crimes
  • Sexual assault and child endangerment matters

DWI Defense: The consequences of a DWI / DUI conviction can be life altering. Due to the severe fines and penalties, it is imperative that you contact Attorney Rubas. He has extensive experience in a wide variety of criminal cases, including DWI / DUIs.

Municipal Court: At The Rubas Law Offices, we handle areas of Municipal Court practice including, marijuana and drug possession, simple assault and harassment, driving while suspended and disorderly conduct, etc.

Probate & Estate Litigation:We work with fiduciaries, beneficiaries, individuals, and estate creditors in probate litigation cases. Attorney Rubas has experience advocating for the rights of clients in all estate and probate matters such as will contests, claims of undue influence and duress, lack of testamentary capacity, power of attorney disputes and accounting demands.

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If you need an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Spring Lake Heights, contact The Rubas Law Offices today. We have experience defending clients facing many types of criminal charges. We will be happy to provide a free consultation and tailor our advice to your specific case. Call 732-820-4332 or email