Vigorous Legal Defense For New Jersey Law Enforcement Officers

Michael Rubas has extensive experience advocating for law enforcement officers in employment matters throughout the State of New Jersey, regularly appearing in State and Federal Courts in New Jersey as well as administrative agencies the Civil Service Commission and the Office of Administrative Law.

Mr. Rubas is an authorized New Jersey State PBA Legal Protection Plan (LPP) law firm, approved by the NJSPBA Board of Delegates to accept cases under the LPP and vigorously defend law enforcement officers who are protected under the plan. The NJSPBA LPP is a member benefit that provides coverage for legal fees for law enforcement officers who have been charged administratively and/or criminally, and/or who find themselves subject to civil lawsuits.

The LPP covers the following situations that law enforcement officers sometimes find themselves in:

  • Target of an internal affairs investigation
  • Witness in an internal investigation
  • Administrative or disciplinary proceedings
  • Target of a criminal investigation
  • Criminal charges arising out of the course and scope of law enforcement duties
  • R. 218 or L.E.O.S.A.
  • Civil litigation arising out of the course and scope of law enforcement duties

Mr. Rubas is married to a retired homicide detective and his personal relationship provides valuable insight in representing law enforcement officers.  Mr. Rubas can assist law enforcement officers from both civil service and non-civil service departments with the internal affairs process, fitness for duty examinations, police-involved shootings, domestic violence allegations, restraining orders, and being unfairly targeted by unethical supervisors.  He has been highly successful in defending suspended and terminated law enforcement officers who have been accused with a myriad of accusations including lying, unfit for duty, excessive force, sexual harassment, neglect of duty, unbecoming conduct, and numerous other allegations.