New Jersey Civil Rights & Discrimination Attorney

Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Michael Peter Rubas has been a protector of the civil and individual rights of all people for many years. Civil rights are defined as those constitutional rights that protect people against discrimination or harassment stemming from any physical or mental disability, race, religion, national origin, gender, age or sexual identity. The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as the New Jersey Civil Rights Act, guarantee the right to privacy, freedom of thought, speech and expression and freedom from religious persecution.

Both Federal and New Jersey law prohibit discrimination in housing, employment and other areas. It also prohibits any person or governmental entity from using the law to deprive any individual of their civil rights. Attorney Rubas believes that employees have the right to be judged on how they do their jobs and not on how they look or where they come from. He believes that no one should be denied the home they want in the neighborhood of their choice because of their skin color. He believes that law enforcement should not use excessive force to take criminal suspects into custody. He believes that the law should protect whistleblowers when employers unfairly retaliate against them. He believes that every person is entitled to due process under the law and has the right to practice their religion as they desire.

The consequences of being found liable for discriminatory practices may include victim damages for emotional distress depending on the specific discriminatory act. Compensatory damages for emotional distress require a less strict standard of proof and a victim may recover damages from whatever consequences occurred as a result of wrongful discriminatory conduct including emotional distress, mental anguish, embarrassment and humiliation.

Attorney Rubas’ powerful and effective representation to those who have been illegally discriminated against for any reason in New Jersey is well known. He understands the financial and emotional repercussions that occur when you have been wrongfully discharged from a job, severely beaten by a police officer, or denied the opportunity to live where you want. Attorney Michael Rubas has a Monmouth County office in Manasquan and a Hudson County office in Jersey City, NJ serving clients in the Superior Courts throughout New Jersey.