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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

New Jersey attorney Michael Rubas has handled hundreds of felony criminal matters throughout the State Courts of New Jersey ranging from homicides, kidnapping, and weapons possession to drug cases and theft cases.


Open Public Records ACT (OPRA) Litigation

If a request for records is wrongfully denied, an expedited lawsuit can be filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey consisting of a Verified Complaint and Order to Show Cause.


Law Enforcement & PBA Defense

Michael Rubas has extensive experience advocating for law enforcement protected under the New Jersey State PBA Legal Protection Plan (LPP).


DUI / DWI Defense

The consequences of a DWI / DUI conviction can be life altering. The fines due to a conviction create a serious financial burden, and the loss of your driver’s license could jeopardize your employment. It is imperative that you contact an experienced DWI / DUI attorney.


Civil Rights

Michael Rubas has been a protector of the civil and individual rights of people for many years and his powerful and effective representation to those who have been illegally discriminated against for any reason in New Jersey is well known.


Municipal Court

Each local Municipal Court has jurisdiction over a wide variety of cases such as traffic offenses, disorderly conduct, simple assault, harassment, drug possession, shoplifting, and violations of local ordinances such as building code or noise violations.


Probate & Estates

Contested wills are one of the most unfortunate possibilities confronting executors and estate administrators. The Rubas Law Offices works with fiduciaries, beneficiaries, individuals, and estate creditors in probate litigation cases.


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