Representing Clients in Municipal Courts throughout Northern New Jersey

Municipal Courts are the most frequently used courts in New Jersey. Each local Municipal Court has jurisdiction over a wide variety of cases such as motor vehicle and traffic offenses, disorderly person and petty disorderly person offenses such as simple assault, harassment, drug possession, shoplifting, and violations of local ordinances such as building code or noise violations.

New Jersey’s Municipal Courts including all of those in Monmouth and Ocean Counties have the full authority to enter maximum legal penalties including 6 months of incarceration in the county jail, substantial fines, probation, and license suspensions.

Appearing in Municipal Court without an attorney is simply an unwise decision especially for the more serious charges of drunk driving, assault, or drug possession. If one is charged with a DUI, DWI or even an ordinary speeding ticket, the penalties associated with these charges can result in a suspension of driving privileges. In New Jersey, an accumulation of 12 or more points on a license will result in a mandatory suspension of driving privileges. Drivers who accrue 6 or more points within a 3-year period must pay a mandatory surcharge to the State. Every 1-year period a driver goes without receiving any violation or suspension, 3 points are deducted from their license.

Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Michael Rubas regularly appears and successfully represents clients in the New Jersey Municipal Courts on all matters.

When the Rubas Law Offices and Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Michael Rubas appear for their clients in Municipal Court, they take the necessary legal actions to either obtain a dismissal or minimize the penalties associated with a traffic, disorderly persons, drug, or ordinance charge. All cases are closely scrutinized and all clients will be fully apprised of the State’s case as detailed in police reports and related discovery. The Rubas Law Offices’ aggressive approach is calculated to raise all available defenses for the client.

The Rubas Law Office handles the following areas of Municipal Court practice:

For more information to obtain representation for pending charges in the Municipal Courts of Monmouth or Ocean Counties as well as Northern New Jersey, please contact the Rubas Law Offices at either the Manasquan office or the Jersey City office.