March 5, 2018

DWI With a Minor Passenger in New Jersey

Drinking and driving is dangerous and carries serious consequences. The penalties can be even worse when an individual is caught drinking and driving with a minor passenger. Apart from the already severe penalties for a DWI, he or she could also face a disorderly conduct charge that can potentially negatively affect their life.

The Consequences of DWI with a Minor Passenger

An individual caught drinking and driving with a minor passenger could be charged with disorderly conduct. A disorderly conduct conviction could lead to:

  • Fines of up to $1,000
  • Jail time of up to six months
  • A suspension of their driver’s license for up to six months
  • Community service for up to five days

In some cases, if the court determines that the individual’s drinking and driving with a minor passenger is considered abuse or neglect, that person could also be charged with endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted, he or she could end up in prison for up to ten years and potentially lose custody of their child.

Dealing with a DWI charge involving a minor passenger is not easy. To successfully prove your case, you must show that you were in control of your car while under the influence. In this case, hiring an experienced DWI defense attorney is imperative. Your lawyer will challenge the charges and attempt to limit or even eliminate the DWI charge against you.

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