Dear Mike,

I wanted to thank you for all your help settling my Mom’s estate. Thanks, too, for being a “sounding board” when I was totally overwhelmed. What should have been a fairly simple procedure became an “EPIC” production!

I know I seemed to be a stickler for details — spelling and grammar, too, but I know who we were dealing with and I didn’t want to overlook something that could come back to “haunt” me. We missed a few details, anyway, but…we sure did try!!!

My Mom would be appalled at the way her will was “twisted.” She thought she had everything spelled out and actually said on numerous occasions that she wanted EVERYTHING divided equally without any disagreements. I honestly tried to settle the estate peacefully (for 4 years), but it became obvious that this would be an Impossible task. I finally realized the only way to perhaps settle the estate without further unpleasantness, would have been to give EVERYTHING to Ellen and that was not what my Mom wanted. I felt It was Important to try to fulfill Mom’s wishes, peacefully or not. I don’t think anyone is owed an inheritance, but when someone makes their wishes clear I think those wishes should be followed.

I truly don’t know what caused Ellen to react as she has. I guess I never will know.
Again, thanks for your help. I saw Andy the other week and he asked me to say, “hi” for him. I imagine he would find the whole “sad saga” interesting. I’m hoping to hear from Basil about the non-resident tax situation. I guess he Is still storing the dining room chairs, since I haven’t received the jewelry that was to be divided when Ellen came to pick up the chairs. The poor guy—maybe he needs to start charging her rent. If you hear anything about how Elmwood “plays out” I’d love to get the scoop.

I assume you will get a copy of the “FINAL” report from Basil. I’ll check in with you when I hear from him with the final accounting.

Take care.

Best wishes,
— Luanne

Dear Mike,

OMGII!! Thank you just isn’t enough to show how appreciative I am of all your hard work and patience. I know this case and all its personal drama was a long and tedious ordeal for you. Your dedication and expertize prevailed and won the case for us. YOU’RE AN EXCEPTIONAL LAWYER!!!


With sincere gratitude,
— Pam

Hi Mike,

Just wanted you to know how much we love and appreciate all you have done for us…Miss you so much…My love to your wife and beautiful baby.

— Carly Czerwieski


You’re a very talented attorney. When my Brother in Law first contacted you, I was dubious, but desperate. I now know it was one of the best decisions I made! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

— Mark Kelly

Michael Rubas did all he can do and I thank you for everything. I’m sorry about the way we met, but as time progressed you have shown that you care and I appreciate it a lot I can’t explain how much gratitude I have for what you’ve done. Again, Thank you!

— Kevin Widemal